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Man-made and natural elements can produce false orb-like anomolies on film and it is important that one can differenciate between that and real spirit energy.  When taking pictures, be aware of weather conditions - i.e. if it's raining, snowing, foggy or high humidity - and your surroundings.  Make sure there are no street lights in the background and if so, make note of them before snapping pictures.  Oftentimes, streetlights can produce a reflection or a small ball of light that may appear to be spirit energy.  Remember it is always important to document the area you are photographing to back up any evidence you might actually capture on film.  This will not only help validate your photographs, but will help keep your integrity in the long run.
Snow Orbs
A simple photograph of snow taken from my grandma's backdoor on Christmas Eve, 2002.  The wind was blowing and there were drifts coming off the house, creating these bright white orbs as the snow swirled in front of the camera.  The bright ones were the ones very close to the flash, as anything more than four inches from the lens will not appear as orbs on film.  Photo taken with a Polaroid PDC-2150 digital camera.  And all photos KCAGHA.
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