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Investigations Performed
Undisclosed Location, Kansas City, MO
October 27, 2002
Time: 1:40 am and 4:13am
Temp: Mid to High 30's
Solar X-Rays: Active
Geomagnetic Field: Storm!
Moon: Waning Gibbous 73%
Weather Conditions: Cloudy, no fog, no mist, no rain, low humidity

Investigative Team: Kansas City Area Ghost Hunters
Brandie Davis, Lindsey Voetsch, Ellen Briggs, 2 Witnesses
Reporting: Brandie Davis
EVPs Recorded: 1
Rolls of Film: 2
Lindsey notices a brief drop in temperature, while Ellen looks on, ready to take some pictures.  A couple seconds after this picture was taken, we picked up a possible EVP.  Photo taken with a Fuji disposable camera.  (Almost) all protocalls were taken (remember, this is our first investigation!) and all photos © KCAGH, 2002.
It was around 1:40am and a sense of uneasiness settled over the group as we pulled up to the curb in front of the building - the very one we'd been talking about all night at Sydney's.  I glanced up at the building and then over to Lindsey, slightly shaking my head.  "I don't think I'm prepared for this...I don't want to get out."  We both had our two-ways on, Ellen hers in the car in front of us.  A burst of static broadcast over mine, so I radioed up to Ellen.  "Did you just say something?"  "No," she said, "what's the hold up?"  I asked her if she had gotten any interferance over her two-way and again, she said no.  Once again she asked what the hold up was and Lindsey told her that I was having second thoughts.  "It's now or never, guys," and with that, Ellen shut off her car and got out, Lindsey soon following her lead.  Another burst of static over my two-way as I got out.  The two guys went on ahead of us...we'd brought them along for protection because the neighborhood we were in was pretty bad, especially at night.  Lindsey went right up to the building, thermal probe ready, and started taking readings.  She found a 'cold spot' up near the front steps that kept fluxuating, the lowest it got being 15° F.  I was over near the center of the building on the main sidewalk, my two-way just absolutely going nuts.  I had Ellen take a few pictures while this was happening and the below pictures are the results. 
The top photo, taken by Ellen, was during one of the more intense bursts of static through my two-way.  On the right hand side it shows a possible vortex and the upper left, an orb, though the orb could possibly be thrown out as evidence because of the street light that can be seen in the background.  Also notice the haziness in the lower left corner.  The bottom picture was taken a few minutes after the top one when we were getting ready to leave.  Notice the white mist on the right hand side.  Photos taken with a KodakHQ disposable camera.  (Almost) all protocalls were taken (remember, this is our first investigation!) and all photos © KCAGH, 2002.
Shortly after those last few bursts of interference on my two-way, we decided to leave.  We had plans on going to Ft. Leavenworth to see what we could find there.  Well, the trip was for naught, we didn't find any places of interest, and after driving for what seemed like forever, we decided to go back to the building we were at before.  The guys were tired and wanted to go home, so we dropped them off at their car at Syndey's before haeading back to the building.  It seemed as if something was drawing us back to the site, but then again, it could have only been my imagination.

I glanced at the clock as we pulled back up to the site, it read 5:13, but with daylight savings time, we had gained an hour, making it 4:13.  As soon as we turned the corner that the building layed foundation to, my two-way started picking up the interferance again. 
Note:  Lindsey and I had just purchased the two-ways that afternoon and had been testing them out all night.  We also used them to communicate to Ellen, whom we were following to and from Ft. Leavenworth.  My two-way, nor Lindey's or Ellen's, had picked up any type of interference until we pulled up in front of the building.

Lindsey made a bee-line to the spot where she had picked up the cold spots earlier and this time we remembered to turn on the Sony minirecorder we'd brought along.  Both Lindsey and Ellen picked up some static on their two-ways, but no where near as much as mine was.  Lindsey found the cold spot again and it plummeted to 13° F, this time seeming to move from spot to spot.  We were all tired and wanted to leave, so we snapped a few more pictures as Lindsey told us she found the spot again.  We were all picking up bursts of static now as the temperature fluxuated and decided it was time to go.  Ellen told the spirits we were leaving and it was at this time, between bursts of static that we picked up the EVP.  It was on the way home when I was listening to the tape that I heard it.  You can hear Ellen say, 'Ok, we're leaving now', a burst of static, then a woman's voice saying 'I'm sorry, I'm sorry' and another burst of static.  This is unexplained, none of us heard the voice while we were there and none of us said anything along those lines while we were at the site. 
Close-up of the orb from the pic on the right .KCAGH ©2002
This photo, taken by me, was around the time that Lindsey picked up the drop in temperature and also when we picked up what we believe is an EVP.  Photo taken with a Fuji disposable camera.  (Almost) all protocalls were taken (remember, this is our first investigation!) and all photos ©KCAGH 2002.
This investigation is still open and ongoing.  Check back for more updates.
Photo of ecto mist/fog that Ellen captured when we first arrived at the building around the time Lindsey picked up the drops in temp.  Notice that the mist is in front of the tree and the orb on the tree trunk.  We are unsure what the white object is in the lower right, it appears to have the mist coming off of it.  Photo taken with a KodakHQ disposable camera.  (Almost) all protocalls were taken (remember, this is our first investigation!) and all photos © KCAGH 2002.
Our second investigation at this location