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Hi and welcome to Kansas City Area Ghost Hunters.  Let me explain a little bit about ourselves and this web site.  We are a serious (but new) team of paranormal investigators dedicated to collecting data and evidence in a professional manner, proving that we are not alone in this world.  Within the pages of this site, you will find recounts of our investigations, pictures the team has taken at various investigation sites, as well as ghost stories from Missouri and Kansas.  We are a non-profit organization with the sole purpose of collecting paranormal evidence and helping others understand and come to terms with the world of the unknown.  Note:  We are not to be confused with the Kansas City Ghost Hunters...they are a group separate from ourst
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Updates on 10/14/03:
ˇUnfortunately, the KCAGH has disbanded due to me, Brandie, moving back home to Mexico, MO.  I am looking to build a new group in this area and anyone interested should contact me at  Thanks.
Team Biographies
A page where we team members introduce ourselves and explain a little on how we first became interested in the paranormal.
Online reports and pictures from investigations of ghostly phenomena that we have performed.
Ghost Photos
Pictures of the paranormal that we, as members, have taken as well as other photographs sent to us through e-mail.
Ghost Stories
True tales of the paranormal kind that we have experienced as well as other stories sent in through e-mail.  If you have a true story that you would like to see posted, simply click on the 'spook mail' icon at the bottom of the page.
Ghost Weather
Are the conditions in your favor of capturing a spirit on film?  This page shows the current weather in the Kansas City area.
Standards and Protocols
These are the rules and methods that we follow when going out on an investigation or 'ghost hunt'.
Latest News
What's currently going on with the Kansas City Area Ghost Hunters?  Click here to find out more!
Haunted Places
A listing of places reported to be haunted in the Missouri and Kansas areas.  Eventually we will include haunted locations nationwide.
Did you capture a true ghostly spirit on film or was it just dust?  On this page we compare natural and man-made anomolies to those of spirit energy.
KCAGH Online Diary
Our thoughts and the feelings we recieved while investigating or 'hunting' a reported haunted location.
Message Board
Visitors to the site are welcome to post questions of the paranormal nature as well as comments about this web site.
Links to other paranormal investigative groups as well as other links to web sites pertaining to the paranormal.