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Below are listed several places in Missouri that are reportedly haunted.  These locations have been found on the internet, through word of mouth, from friends, and from places that we have investigated.  I want to note that if you want to visit one of these locations that provide tours, please wait until the tour is over and the tour guide is alone just out of respect for those that are there to actually learn about the location.  You don't want to get on the tour guide's bad side if you want to find out anything!  If you have a haunted place in Missouri that you would like to add to our list, just click the link at the bottom of the page.
Arrow Rock - Old Tavern - Built in the 1830's by the slaves of a man named John Huston, the Old Tavern still operates today as a restaurant.  It is reported that the sounds of people eating and drinking in rooms where no one is present can be heard as well as people hearing their names called and footsteps pacing the floors.

*Auxvasse - 9 Mile Bridge - This bridge is rumored to have had black women and children hung off of it and drowned in the waters below during the days of the Civil War. Myth says that if you shut your car off while on the bridge, you cannot start it up again until after you push it 9 miles. This myth has proven to be untrue. It is also rumored that on a starless, cloudy night, you can see pairs of lights like eyes under the bridge and in the trees by the bridge.  Some say that you can hear the babies crying in the middle of the night.

This small town consisting of 900 residents is located around 20 miles SW of St. Louis.  It basically consists of a post office, an old jail, a one-room church and several delapidated old houses.  Rumor states that a plague swept through the town, destroying everything in it's path, but sparing the town's church.  The restless spirits from the victims of this plague still roam the streets and the voices of children playing can be heard from time to time.

*Bellefontaine - Fort Belle - The fort hauntings have raised many questions over the years. People have claimed to see, hear, and feel things constantly. The most eerie of all of the hauntings, though, is at the staircase. The staircase is an old WPA project consisting of about 5 tiers. Most pictures taken of the staircase reveal a dark red smoke near the first or second stairs when you shoot from the ground up. This experiment has been done many times by many different cameras and ALWAYS this red light shows up in many different places near the first or second tier of steps.
*Benton  - Bethel Campground Cemetery - At night you can hear voices coming from the cemetery and blue lights floating through it.

*Bolivar - Catholic Cemetery - This is a pretty new cemetery cut into a hill, but it is reported that it is haunted by a black figure.  To get there, go south of Bolivar on Highway 13, turn right onto the highway and when you get to the tower with blinking lights you'll be at the cemetery.

Bonne Terre
Upper Blackwell Road - Many people claim this stretch of road to be evil.  Satanism is reported to occur in a restaurant that is located on this road and also several disappearances have been claimed to happen here.  Legend has it that on Black Tram bridge, if you drive up onto it and flash your headlights three times, a ghost car will appear and chase you away.  There is also a road sign that appears then disappears when you drive past it as well as a ghostly couple that tries to flag down cars.

*Boynton - Abandoned Mental Asylum - It is a three story building that looks like something straight out of a horror movie. It is positioned in a hay field on a rock road just past the local cemetery, and you'll have to be very careful not to be caught trespassing by the owner who lives directly across the road. Once you find your way in, after fighting the thorn bushes at the basement window entrance, you are overcome by a sense of unwelcome and constant following throughout the asylum. Adventurers have taken digital pics and digital videos claiming to have come up with some pretty strange footage. If you decide to go, be careful of the floors and please be respectful.

Shiner's Cemetery - This small cemetery consisting of only about 30 or so graves, is located just outside of town.  It is reported that if you see a blue light moving through the cemetery, you will have a terrible accident afterward and several people have claimed this to be true.

- St. Boniface Cemetery - This is a very small cemetery located just outside of town on a gravel road.  Rumor has it that if you go there late at night, you can hear voices and see shadows moving about between the headstones.  We have witnessed unexplained flashes of light at this cemetery.  203 E. Vine St  (660) 548-3267

Kearney - Claybrook House - This house was once occupied by Jesse James' daughter, Mary, and her family and can be found across the road from the Jesse James Farm.  There have been reports of doors slamming by themselves, the sounds of children's laughter, and the sound of a ball bouncing down the stairs.  Currently the Claybrook house is closed for tours due to a fire that struck the house in May of 2002.

Jesse James Farm -
Located just outside of Kearney, the Jesse James farm is reportedly haunted.  Employees have reported seeing strange lights coming from inside the old farm house as well as the sound of horses along the treeline that borders the house.  There is also a picture of Frank James sitting atop his favorite horse hanging on the wall inside the house that always hangs crooked (even after being put in a different frame).  21216 James Farm Rd.  816-628-6065 

Liberty - Franklin Cemetery - It is reported that faint lights can be seen roaming the grounds.  This cemetery is gated and it is not recommended to go there at night.  The neighbors will report any activity in the cemetery at night to the police.

Jesse James Bank Museum-
Employees have witnessed several unexplained phenomena - pens moving by themselves in the bank area, furniture being moved to the center of the floor in the museum area and an account of a little old man sitting in a chair.  The apartments upstairs are also reportedly haunted - a former tenant described being awakened one night by a frantic voice - 'He's thrown the baby out the window' - turns out a long time ago a little girl and her brother shared the room and the brother had a fondness of throwing her doll out the balcony.  103 N. Water St.  816-781-4458

Odd Fellows Building - Built in 1888, the Odd Fellows Asylum was originally a hotel named the Reed Springs Hotel.  In 1891, it was purchased by a fellow by the name of Willard E. Winner.  The name subsequentially changed yet again to the Winner Hotel but the hotel changed hands in 1895 when Odd Fellows purchased it as a home for widows and orphans of the Odd Fellows members.  Five years later the home was destroyed by fire and at the time there were 300 residents.  In 1951, a hospital, with a fifty-bed capacity, was built and in 1982, it was operating as a nursing home.  There are many rumors floating about around this building - vintage needles laying on the floors, bloody handprints on bathtubs and on bathroom walls, even a report of a ghost on film being captured there.  The old beds from the hospital still remain in the building and it's reported that the bed springs can be heard creaking.  Any place that has seen loss like this one is bound to be a paranormal hot spot.  I would not recommend going there at night as there is a security light in the driveway as well as a security camera.  This place is heavily monitored by the police as well.

*Manchester - John F Kennedy Catholic High School - Reports of cold spots, noises, doors locking, and lockers opening and shutting by themselves.

*Marceline - Highway 36 - Just east of Marceline there is a railroad bridge that crosses highway 36. Witnesses have often seen a misty white figure hovering above the road there. Sometimes under the bridge, sometimes just before the bridge. It sometimes vanishes before arriving at the bridge but most times they have driven right through it, and it appeared most every night they drove by.

Mom's Restaurant -
This restaurant in Walt Disney's boyhood town has been open for more than 40 years.  The spirit that haunts this establishment is known as 'the lady in white'.  Back when the railroad came through town, it was known that if one were to actually see the lady in white, then something terrible was going to happen.  People have reported cold draughts of air, plates tumbling from their shelves for no apparent reason and furniture has been found either tipped or turned upside down.  116 S. Main  660-376-2819 Website

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